Misconceptions about Korean Plastic Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery has gained its popularity over the years. A number of people, whether man or woman, have been availing plastic surgery to enhance their looks and make themselves pretty. For them, undergoing surgery for modification should be done so that they can gain the confidence. Plastic surgery is a surgery that involves restoration, […]

How to Avoid Wasting Too Much Time

What are Time Annihilators? A time annihilator is basically an action that takes up a lot of your time unnecessarily, and prevents you from doing more productive and efficient activities. Before we look at how to avoid wasting too much time, what are some of the common time annihilators that we consciously or subconsciously perform […]

Focus on Jordan

Interview with H.E. Dr. Ziad Fariz Governor & Chairman of the Board, Central Bank of Jordan Biz News (B.N.): Since His Majesty King Abdullah II’s 1999 ascension to the throne, Jordan has taken steps to encourage foreign investment and to develop an outward-oriented, market-based, and globally competitive economy. How would you describe today’s investment environment […]