Honest Review of HijabDressUp, Rising Muslim Fashion Ecommerce Business 

There has been a rising trend of Muslims shopping online for their clothing, hijab fashion, accessories and abaya for sale. To meet the demand of this tech savvy group of Muslim shoppers, many ecommerce Muslim fashion ware shops have emerged. Most of these ecommerce shops offer the latest in Muslim fashion ware. In addition, their websites are easy to navigate, orders can be made immediately along with payments, and once buyers’ delivery details are furnished, the goods can be delivered to the buyer within a few days or weeks.

One such prominent ecommerce Muslim business and fashion shop, https://hijabdressup.com/, will be the subject of our review today. From their humble beginnings in 2012 to a successful ecommerce Muslim fashion shop, HijabDressUp has come a long way to be where they are today.

HijabDressUp started out in 2012 by a husband and wife team, Mohamad Latiff and Muniz Ali, with two bases of operation, namely Singapore and Thailand. They had a simple yet strong vision – to empower all women with emphasis on Muslim women through products and services that will enrich their lives.

Through their online Muslim fashion ware platform, they provide elegant hijab style, abaya designs, burkini swimwear, maxi dresses, shawls and other products catered for the Muslim women’s market. For the last 8 years of operations, they have served more than 2,000 satisfied customers worldwide, in numerous cities such as Thailand, Singapore, USA, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Maldives, France, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Canada and much more. In addition they have amassed a fanbase of over 99,000 loyal Facebook fans.

But exactly what has made HijabDressUp so successful and popular? There are various reasons but we will highlight the major ones here.

Firstly, the fashion ware provided by HijabDressUp is of the highest quality and includes interesting features. A noteworthy example is the burkini swimwear, a modest Muslim attire for swimming, which allow female Muslims to cover their body parts, save for the face, hands and feet while enabling them to enjoy flexibility for water activities. In addition, burkini swimwear is quite a rarity in other online or traditional brick and mortar shops, which gives HijabDressUp an edge over their competitors.

The next factor that their success can be attributed to is their down to earth and excellent service. Latiff and Muniz will personally attend to customers’ queries and go the extra mile to ensure that their every need is fulfilled. They believe that any successful business must always put their customers first, and treat them like an extended family. Just as we will always love our family and shower them with care and concern, the same should be applied to ensure that customers will always be satisfied.

HijabDressUp is truly the epitome of service excellence and business success. They are able to withstand the pitfalls of business uncertainty at a time where customer satisfaction with other businesses are dwindling, and many businesses have been forced to close down due to unstable income flow. And at the rate they are going, we foresee that HijabDressUp will continue to thrive in the near future to come.