How to Avoid Wasting Too Much Time

What are Time Annihilators?

A time annihilator is basically an action that takes up a lot of your time unnecessarily, and prevents you from doing more productive and efficient activities. Before we look at how to avoid wasting too much time, what are some of the common time annihilators that we consciously or subconsciously perform each and every day?

Some of the common time annihilators are as follow:

  • Chatting aimlessly, gossiping or discussing matters that have no relevance to you.
  • Browsing and posting aimlessly on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more.
  • Shopping impulsively online for random items such as clothes, electronics stuff, or even funny coffee mugs.
  • Being caught in minor or major traffic jams for hours, and not being able to do other stuff.
  • Being caught in long queues when you need to buy something really urgently.
  • Stuck in endless meetings with more unnecessary talking, rather than proposing effective actions.
  • Bad machinery that runs too slowly or has broken down completely resulting in production delays.

Of course, there are much more time annihilators but of the few listed above, chatting unnecessarily either physically to another person or through a telephone call or text messages, browsing and posting aimlessly on social media, and shopping impulsively online are the main time annihilators within our control. And personally, I feel that chatting unnecessarily is one of the worst time annihilators if done inefficiently.

How to Stop Wasting Time by Chatting Aimlessly

Have you ever asked yourself about how much time you spend talking to others? If not, you should try the following:

  • Get a tape recorder and record your conversation with someone
  • Replay the conversation
  • Note the sentences you used in your conversation
  • Now try to think if you can rephrase the sentences you used in a shorter and simpler way.

Let use the following example to see how it can be done.

Sentences you used initially: “Do you remember Tom, the hunky guy with the obese wife and five kids living at the street around the corner? I heard that he is having an affair with Mary, his sexy secretary.

Sentence you can rephrase: “Do you know that Tom is having an affair with his secretary, Mary?”

If you are able to do the above, then it means that you have actually wasted too much time talking and should try using shorter and simpler sentences the next time you speak. Now, let’s look at some crucial tips to help you optimise your time.

Crucial Tips To Optimise Time

Alright, are you ready to take better control of your time and produce more effective results? If you are, then let’s look into some of the crucial tips you should know to better optimise your time. They are as follow:
1) Do not be too dependent on your memory. Use the digital organiser in your smartphone to jot down things, dates, appointments, and important information.

2) Make a list of things you need to do, complete or buy.

3) Set time bound goals that are practical and achievable within a certain period of time.

4) Plan your time bound goals and ways in which you can execute them effectively.

5) Make a timetable to divide the time you need in a day to complete your various tasks and activities.

6) Remain focused and fight procrastination so that you do not delay in completing your tasks.

7) Take effective actions that will lead you on the path to complete your tasks and achieve your goals.