Misconceptions about Korean Plastic Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery has gained its popularity over the years. A number of people, whether man or woman, have been availing plastic surgery to enhance their looks and make themselves pretty. For them, undergoing surgery for modification should be done so that they can gain the confidence. Plastic surgery is a surgery that involves restoration, reconstruction or alteration of human body.

South Korea is now considered to be the plastic surgery capital of the world as they do the most number of cosmetic procedure per capita worldwide. Just in Seoul, there are more that 600 clinics that offers cosmetic surgeries. Over the years, many people have been raving about the procedures that South Korea can do that even people outside Korea wants to go there to have their surgeries.

Plastic surgery has been in Korea since 1950’s. It all started when Koreans would want to have a double eyelid, similar to westerners and not have the monolid eyes that are common for orientals. When plastic surgery has been approved to be legal and considered to be a legitimate medical practice in Korea, that is when the business started growing. Now, plastic surgery has been totally embedded to Korean culture that it is not uncommon for them if you have undergone a procedure right after you finished highschool. Most Koreans want to be above normal. Which is why, many of them are choosing to have a procedure to elevate themselves. Many Korean ladies are doing surgeries so that they can achieve the “universal beauty”.

Misconceptions about Korean Plastic Surgery
People tend to assume that the fascination of Korean with plastic surgery is a result of them wanting to look more westernized, or for the lack of better term, Koreans that wants to look white. What people need to understand is that Koreans are naturally enthusiastic with self-improvement and enhancement which is why it is not a surprising that plastic surgery is popular in their country. Aside from that, Koreans don’t need to look white because Korean skin is naturally light.

Another misconception is that Koreans are obsessed with vanity. This might be true. However, for Koreans, having plastic surgery is giving them so much more than improvement on their looks. Koreans wants to reach the standard. They don’t want to be just normal but they want to be more than that. Having a plastic surgery for them is a way for them to gain self-confidence that they need, whether it is for personal or for professional.

Plastic surgery is there, not only for vanity reasons, but for medical reasons as well. Superficial understanding of why you will have a plastic surgery can have a negative impact on you, so it is always better to evaluate yourself and check why are you going to have a surgery. If you think that your life will improve because of that, then why not. Go ahead and have a procedure done. Just make sure that you are prepared, not only physically but financially because this procedures may cost a lot.